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The SafeDon Hygiene System dispenses one glove at a time, cuff 1st, eliminating all possibilities of touching, other gloves in the box, the box and the box holder.

Yes, SafeDon Hygiene System gloves are available in Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl.

The SafeDon Hygiene System is produced and packed by licenced worldwide leading examination glove manufacturers, who are ISO:9001/ISO:14001/ISO:13485 certified.

International studies have demonstrated that traditional examination glove boxes and the gloves removed there from, are often contaminated with a number of infectious germs, especially due to the repeated contact by different users. Importantly, the trend towards larger pack sizes (200 to 300 gloves per box) further increases the risk of cross contamination. The SafeDon Hygiene System permits only ever permits the user to take one glove at a time, cuff 1st. The elimination of glove box contact by a large number of users, greatly improves general hygiene, (1,2,3).

Dispensing one glove at a time saves valuable donning time, and eliminates the removal of unwanted gloves, (multiple gloves are often dispensed together by traditional boxes – these can fall onto the floor and are then put back in the box!)

All SafeDon boxes display “Instructions for Use” on the front, in order to ensure visibility for every user.

The SafeDon Hygiene System can be used wherever gloves are required. In healthcare settings such as hospitals, doctor consulting rooms, dental offices, during home care and in other areas where hygiene and the economic use of gloves is important.

A six week clinical trial at different end-user sites performed in UK hospitals, demonstrated that the gloves dispensed from the SafeDon Hygiene System on average harboured 96% less bacterial contamination when compared with traditional glove boxes, (4,5).

During an eight week trial at one of SafeDon’s customers in Norway, independent results demonstrated that the areas around the opening of the box on the SafeDon Hygiene System harboured 60 - 70 % less bacterial contamination when compared with traditional glove boxes, (6).

The pack size depends on the material of the glove, whether nitrile, latex or vinyl. The innovative packaging design allows up to 250 nitrile gloves, 150 vinyl gloves and 100 latex gloves in one box. Currently work is underway to increase the number of gloves per SafeDon Box, therefore further reducing costs in transportation and waste disposal considerably.

The system is designed specifically to be mounted on a wall. This reduces the risk of cross contamination, prevents the boxes from damage and keeps them away from sinks, tables, trays, patient beds etc.

No, the wall holders have been carefully designed, with infection control in mind. SafeDon dispenses each glove from the bottom of the box to reduce the risk of environmental and airborne contamination. Note: see also question 15

The SafeDon holders come fully equipped with screws and adhesive strips to enable simple mounting. In addition an illustrated installation guide is provided. SafeDon recommends a specific adhesive tape, which can provided on request. The adhesive tape (Lohmann) provides excellent adhesion to all wall surfaces and leaves no traces when removed.

No. Simple to use, cuff 1st SafeDon Hygiene System ensures a hygienically clean glove at each use.

The SafeDon Compact Pack is a small pack containing 50 gloves, dispensed one at a time cuff 1st. This pack is designed for ambulances, mobile hospital trolleys and for homecare. Gloves can be dispensed from the top of the Compact Pack box, a holder is not required.

All SafeDon products are designed to fit into the same holder, although SafeDon also offers a table top holder specifically designed for the SafeDon Compact Pack.

SafeDon’s pack design reduces cardboard waste by as much as 20 % when compared with traditional glove boxes. In addition, the compact packaging reduces transportation and warehouse costs, as almost double the number of gloves can be packed onto a Euro pallet.

As exactly one glove is dispensed at a time, only the required number of gloves are removed. This reduces the wastage of gloves and costs considerably. Studies in Norway and the USA have shown a reduction in glove consumption of between 20% and 40%, (7).

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