SafeDon™ Hygiene System

The new SafeDon™ Hygiene system dispenses the gloves individually Cuff 1st from the bottom of the box. By dispensing the gloves Cuff 1st compliance is automatically engineered into every glove box, thereby offering obvious benefits when compared to any other traditional examination glove dispensing system:

  • Once in the wall dispenser, users never need to touch the box.

  • Concealed glove box reduces airborne-contamination on the gloves.

  • The system prevents the users from touching other gloves inside the box.

  • The glove's most critical surfaces – thumbs, fingers and palm areas – are not touched.

  • Dispensing individually Cuff 1st prevents gloves from sticking together.

  • Dispensing gloves one at a time provides easier and quicker donning, greatly reducing wastage.

  • Compact wall holder design saves valuable space and keeps boxes away from infected surfaces.